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NC Howl Canceled.

Sorry to inform everybody, but we're canceling the howl for this year.

The schedules of too many people seem to be clashing, and it seems like we're heading towards another dismal turnout, like last year.  I've also been pushing, begging, arguing, and pleading for a date - but we can't seem to figure that out, either.  Or at least, we can't seem to figure out a date that will work for everybody.  So rather than continue to fight, I'm giving up - it's just old, trying.

I also think that this howl has run it's course, and the want to even try making it all happen constantly has tried up.  So at this point, I'm going to call the howl done.  I'm not going to make any plans to even try for future howls.  Everybody's lives are changing, all the time, and every year it just seems like it gets harder and harder to try to figure this out.

I won't be promising that we'll go out and travel to other howls, either.  Jakkal is a home-body these days, and my anxieties or phobias (or whatever one might call them) about meeting new people do a good job of keeping me from wanting to meeting and associate with strangers.  I want to know people before I meet them in real life, especially if I'm going to find myself spending an appreciable amount of time around them.

I will, though, offer invites to any one of you who decides that maybe you'd like to come out here for a sort-of "vacation."  We've got some room here for people to sleep, and we've got plenty of fenced in yard to camp in.  I might not even have a problem with attending other NC (or nearby) "get togethers" or howls for weres.

If you know any, or any of you "local types" want to try something, feel free to post here!  Otherwise, seeya.
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I know you guys are waiting...

Here's the issue that's really hurting us. The NC Mountains, specifically where we go camping are still in /exceptional/ drought conditions. The latest report was released July 10th, 2008. The DNR has been recommending burn bans, but for now they're trying open fire education courses. I do not have specific information for where we go camping. So far, conditions have not improved. It does not help at all that we have a large fire burning out of control on the coast. So everyone is a bit paranoid about it.

Of course this really only affects our campfire, but an October howl is going to be cold. I don't see how we can have one, camping, without the campfire.
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No Date Yet...

Still planning on the 2nd or 3rd week in October, yet. I'm waiting on Jakkal to post up a date.

There is one problem, thus far; we're heading back towards drought conditions again. The mountains never really got out of drought. If rain this year is as rare this year as it was last, chances are good that, by October, there will be another burn ban in effect. If that's the case, we may well have to just have some type of get-together at our house, here near Raleigh.

There's also the possibility of getting a cabin or hotel rooms, but those will be very pricey, and hard to get - we'll have to get them in advance. Lots of people seem to flock up there to catch the leaves changing. It *is* quite a sight to behold.

I know Redline just posted - thanks - that he wants to come, if anything to meet up with Max. I'm not planning on holding a rally up in the mountains when you arrive, guys. So if you wanna do any fast curves (be careful please) then you'll probably have to find them on your own. The Blue Ridge Parkway is very very twisty, with the problem being - if you go off the road, you fall 500 feet and die. Plus the speed limit is 45, and it's patrolled by park rangers, with the power of police. Still, it wouldn't be bad to hit up. Last week I actually burned the brakes on the Astro up taking the Blue Ridge from one typical road on the route to another. It was a 30 minute diversion that left me sitting on the top of a mountain overlooking a valley, mountain peaks for miles, and a very very bright full moon. It was awesome.

Anyway, more when I have it...

Hello, Checking In

Redline here, not sure what to post other then I'm letting Bowtie and Jakkal know I'm interested in attending the howl. I'd like to just say hello to a few people. Also want a convenient chance to meet up with Max and do some zoomy driving with.

Let me know, what else you'd like to know.

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Hey Howdy.

So, haven't heard anything since March about the Howl and was curious as to how October was shaping up! :)

I know I'll still be able to go unless something horribly unexpected comes up. Also, was wondering what sort of events an October howl would entail.

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No NC Howl this *summer.*

We've decided to pass on the idea of a howl over the summer. First, we're feeling kind of lazy, I suppose, and we wouldn't mind going elsewhere. Jakkal and I are actually considering going up there for a long weekend just by ourselves. We did that a few years ago and had a lot of fun together.

Also, because of the massive drought NC is going through, chances are good that we won't be able to have a fire up on the mountain.

This is all a bit ironic, because I have a new route for work that places me going to Cherokee every day. So I'm now deep in the mountains Monday through Wednesday. Go fig...

Don't Lose Hope! We're planning on postponing it, rather than flat-out cancelling it.

We thought it might be more fun to slide it back to October, probably the second or third week, so we can all benefit from a large fire, cooler temperatures, and the turning of the fall leaves.

This notion is still under consideration, and it would largely depend on people who can *CONFIRM* that they're going.

Yes, this will interfere with anybody's school schedules. But I don't think many of you guys are going to school anymore, anyway. Seems we get the adult bunch. Not that it's a bad thing, trust me!

In any event, if you're up for the idea, feel free to reply.

SIVERWOLF: By the by, since I'm going to the mountains daily, there's an increased chance that we can meet up at some point for a few hours. That is, if you're willing to stay up extremely late. If you're interested and still paying attention, feel free to reply to this with an email I can reach you at. Or I can give you mine in a reply.
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Potential Showstopper

Hmm, well, it's usually this time of year that we start making plans for the howl. BUT.. I don't know how much you guys are keeping up, but NC has been in the extreme drought that the rest of the SE US has been suffering. In August of last year they enacted a state wide outdoor fire ban. They recently lifted that ban.

However, Raleigh is still 10 inches under average. The west has been hit much much harder by this. There's a very good chance that the ban will be reinstated. We had a red flag warning this weekend because of the weather, and that means no outdoor burning at all.

So let me get to the point. There's a very high probability that we will be unable to have a campfire this year unless we go down to one of the pay-for campsites (And even there it might be prohibited.) This is seriously a downer.

We might have to either not host the howl, do something here in Raleigh, or postpone the howl to later in the year and hope the weather clears up.

Possible Howl Activity.

Heya. Thought I might throw an idea out for a Howl Activity. Something one of the guys at the Radio Shop pointed out to me.


Basically it's like a scavenger/treasure hunt that you do w/ a GPS instead of a map. You go out w/ a set of coordinates and try to find something like an Ammo box hidden out someplace. People find them, sign the log book and sometimes leave things there and maby take a thing or two to take home w/ them.

You can find more info out at

And for those who've done the Howl thing before: Wayah Bald


 Hey eveyone,

I'm Siverwolf.  I've always wanted to get to know you guys but I've had trouble in the past due to my ignorance of the internet or websites.   Err... I see no one has posted here for a while.  
Of corse, I myself am from NC.  I have been going to SE Howls but here latley my car is not able to make the long trips.  I needs some work done to it.  So I was hoping if maby I could go with your group at your howl sometime or if I'm welcome or not.

Hmm..... also I'd like to mention that there is a new website called "NC Taw paw therians".  You have to go to and type therian 100 in search and you wil see the link bar thingy.

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